We celebrate Culture Day on Thursday 26th January. This is a no-uniform day so we ask that you pay your €2 in the foyer on the morning.
There are a number of activities for 1st, 2nd, TY and 5th year students from 11:00 – 13:00. At 11:00am these year groups will be making their presentations and celebrating their banquet. For the banquet we are asking that students cook / bake / make something associated with their culture. This will be shared with their year group (approximately 50 students). So as to get the quantities right you need approximately 45 SMALL samples. For example, If you made 15 buns then you would cut each bun in 3 to make 45 samples. Students are also asked to bring in a knife fork spoon and PLATE to minimise any paper waste.
The banquet will be followed by the Culture Catwalk and the Performances in the gym. If you would like to take part in the Culture Catwalk, where students dress in traditional clothes, please give your name to Ms. S. O’Donovan before Tuesday and write something about your costume i.e. when you would wear it, the country it is from etc. This is so that our MC’s can announce and celebrate your amazing outfits. If you have put your name forward for a performance, there will be a rehearsal next week and you have given you name to Ms. Deasy already.
We are really looking forward to this celebration of culture and diversity and encourage every student to get involved and embrace the variety and diversity that enriches our school community.