We were delighted to accept a cheque of €1000 today from Fr Dwayne Gavin of the Bons Secours Hospital.  This very generous contribution is going towards supporting our aspiring young scientists, who are competing in the BT Young Scientist Competition in Dublin in January.  Thank you also to Dr Niamh Lynch for securing this funding for us, we really appreciate it.
St. Aloysius School       BT Young Scientists 2024 Projects (3 projects)


How does the cell size of a plant effect its rate of photosynthesis?

Ananya Singh (Transition Year)


An investigation into how different fibre surfaces in indoor arenas absorb impact form falls.

Aisling Twomey (Second Year)

Elsie Cubie (Second Year)


An investigation into how various types of rope degrade in various types of water.

Abi Foley (Second Year)

Elaine Lane (Second Year)

Saoirse O’ Herlihy (Second Year)