The new junior cycle will place the student at the centre of the learning process. It allows for new ways of learning and a broader range of skills to be properly assessed. This leaflet aims to inform parents of post-primary school students about the key changes underway.

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As part of the new Junior Cycle, students will be engaged in a new area of learning called Wellbeing. Schools have always supported students in this area, but new guidelines in how to integrate wellbeing into our curricula have highlighted the importance of this for all our students across every subject area. The whole school community have an important part to play in supporting wellbeing for the entire student body.

For the first time in 2017, a new subject was introduced into the 1st Year timetable to support the new Wellbeing programme; and along with PE, CSPE, and SPHE, we are now engaging with students in a weekly health education class which includes the topics of physical, emotional, social, and environmental wellbeing. Students are encouraged to explore these topics in a variety of ways designed to promote creativity, intrapersonal relationships, and self-awareness. Health Education class allows for the opportunity to discuss current topics of interest and provides a safe space for students to talk about matters that are relevant to them. Teachers involved in Wellbeing meet regularly to discuss their progress, and work collaboratively with the rest of the staff to build cross-curricular links across the subject areas. Going forward into the next academic year, the expansion of the Wellbeing programme will include further collaboration with all staff and students, both in the classroom and extra-curricular activities, and will continue to emphasize the importance of wellbeing throughout the school community.


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