Last week St Als Celebrated Belong To’s Stand Up Awareness Week. As part of our anti bullying policy and our efforts to make our school as inclusive, caring and respectful as possible we take part in Irelands largest LGBTQ anti-bullying campaign every year.Stand Up Week is a chance to show that you are an ally, this means that you show solidarity with your LGBTQ friends and classmates, to help them feel seen, heard, and safe.

Research carried out by the Belong To Organization tells us that one in five LGBTQ young people face bullying and that 76% feel unsafe at school.  

In St Als, we strive to ensure that everyone is welcomed and included regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. Every vulnerable minority group deserves to be advocated for and it is particularly important to really emphasis our support for LGBTQ young people as the community was so marginalized for so long and there is such a high risk of LGBTQ young people feeling isolated and alone due to stigma. That is why we, and the rest of the country, have a whole week dedicated to this topic.


To celebrate Stand Up week, the Pride and Allies Club organized a rainbow sock day to show solidarity with their LGBTQ peers, and a rainbow cakes sale accompanied by a collaborative art piece called the solidarity tree. The week was a huge success and we are so thankful to have such kind, compassionate and supportive students and staff in our community.