The Green School Committee has been kindly given, from the Bon Secours hospital, a donation of native wildflower seeds, aptly named seed bombs.  On Tuesday we are giving away these wildflower seeds in the foyer to students for you to
set in your garden or a tub on your window sill.

These promote biodiversity by attracting insects which in turn will help in pollination of plants. We all want to be part of doing something kind for the planet so why not try planting these very attractive and native wildflowers.  please ensure that these are planted before the end of April – please read the notes that are on the back of each pack. 

Warning: These seed balls look similar to chocolate but are in fact earth and seeds, they are NOT EDIBLE, also, they contain two plants yarrow which is toxic to pets (and horses). The other is wild carrot, whose damp leaves can cause skin irritations in humans.