The Board of Management (the Board) is a body corporate established by the Patron* under the Education Act 1998, which manages the school on behalf of the Patron and discharges the respective functions of the Board and of the school as these are set out in the Act.

Under to the Patron, the Board has charge of the overall management of the school. The Board is the employer of all staff at the school. Under the Board, the Principal has charge of the day-to-day management of the school.

The Board operates under the Education Act, 1998, and other relevant legislation, the Articles of Management for Catholic Secondary Schools, such other regulations, directives and/or guidelines issued from time to time by the Minister and/or the Department of Education and Skills and always in accordance with the values and vision set out in the Charter, a core document issued by the Patron for the guidance of all associated with the respective schools.

The Board of a Catholic Secondary School has eight members, four nominated by the Patron, two by the parents and two by the teachers. All these nominees are appointed to the Board by the Patron. The Chair of the Board is appointed by the Patron from amongst its four nominees. The Principal acts as Secretary to the Board. The Principal has no voting privileges at Board meetings. The Secretary shall act as correspondent for the Board unless, in special circumstances, the Board shall determine otherwise.

The business of the Board shall be conducted in private and no disclosure of the business shall be made without the authority of the Board.

The Board of Management as presently constituted took up office in October 2022 and is scheduled to serve a term of three years. The following are the members of the Board:

  • Mr. Pat Kinsella, Chair (Nominee of the Patron*)
  • Mrs. Carmel Healy (Nominee of the Patron*)
  • Sr Coirle McCarthy (Nominee of the Patron*)
  • Mr. Mike Ó Floinn (Nominee of the Patron*)
  • Dr Niamh Lynch (Nominee of the Parents)
  • Dr Niamh Sheridan (Nominee of the Parents)
  • Ms. Donna Dempsey (Nominee of the Teachers)
  • Ms. Lisa Carey ( Nominee of the Teachers)
  • Ms. A. Savage, Principal, is ex officio Secretary to the Board

*The Patron of the school is Catholic Education, an Irish School Trust (CEIST), a company limited by guarantee with charitable status to which various religious congregations – including the Mercy Sisters – have transferred ownership in trust of more than a 100 secondary schools.

You may contact the Board by writing to Ms. A. Savage, Principal and Secretary to the Board at the school. Requests for the inclusion of any additional items on the agenda must reach the Secretary a minimum of three days before the meeting.