After School Study periods are provided each day for two hours after school. Sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  begin at 3.45 and end at 5.45 with a snack before beginning study and a 5 minutes break at 5.00.  These sessions are open to all students from all year groups.

Forms for signing up to study for a full term are available from the school office or from the Deputy Principal. This is offered at a reduced rate. Students may also opt to attend on an ad hoc basis by purchasing a ticket daily from the school office.

Any student wishing to opt for supervised study must agree to abide by the rules which allow other students to benefit fully from the session.

After School Study Rules and Procedures

Only students who are fully paid up and have returned the completed form to
the Deputy Principal may attend study or a student who presents a daily ticket purchased from the school office. When a fully paid-up student is absent for any reason no other student may take her place at study on that day.

  • Students may not leave the school grounds between the end of classes and the beginning of afternoon study.
  • Students must arrive punctually for roll call as late arrival disturbs other students.
  • Students are expected to study in strict silence. No talking whatsoever is allowed.
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in study, breaks are provided for this.
  • No sharing or borrowing of books or equipment is allowed.
  • Students may not pass notes to one another.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off and out of reach.
  • Practical homework in practical subjects may not be done during supervised study.
  • Before students leave the study room, all papers must be put into the appropriate bins.
  • Any student who disrupts study in any way will forfeit her place in After School Study without a refund of fees.