Subject Choice

Before students join us in First Year, we ask them to choose their optional subjects from the list below. All students are asked to choose a language – either French or German – and then rank the rest of the subjects on offer in order of preference. It is really important that the subjects are listed from favourite to least favourite, because this is how they will be allocated. Out of the five other subjects on offer, we will do our best to assign our new students to their top three.

The optional subjects on offer are: Science, Business, Music, Art and Home Economics. You will find documents below which will give you further information on all these subjects, and it is advisable to read over these before any decisions are made. Further information on subjects for Junior Cycle can be found on

A form will be sent to all households so that optional subject choices can be recorded. If you have any questions before you submit your completed form, please contact the school office and they will pass your query on to the relevant staff member.

Fact sheets for option subjects

Business studies
Home Economics
Modern Languages