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SUSI – Student Universal Support Ireland is the national 3rd level grant application system for students in Ireland. Students who are applying for PLC colleges, Level 6 and 7 courses in Institutes of Technology, and Level 8 Honours Degree courses may all apply for a grant. If students have applied for several types of courses, they complete their application stating the highest level of course they have applied for. Applications are made through the website https://susi.ie  – you will also find other information and resources related to the topic on this site.

Students applying to an undergraduate course through CAO should ensure that they have ticked the SUSI box on the online registration form – this will ensure that CAO can provide information to SUSI on behalf of the student when she has accepted the offer of a course in August. Students who are accepting a place on a PLC course will have to download a Final Course Acceptance Form from the SUSI website and have it stamped by the college in order to show that they are registered on a programme of study.

All students and parents must start the process by completing the SUSI Eligibility Reckoner App on the SUSI website. Link to App: http://susi.ie/eligibility-reckoner-app.index.html.  You will need to know the total income from the previous year (prior to college entry) for each parent/guardian and student (if applicable). By filling in this information and answering a small number of additional questions, you will discover in a few moments whether you should proceed with the full application for a grant or not. The application process consists of an online application form which is then supplemented by additional paper documentation. You must ensure you send all necessary documents in plenty of time using registered post or obtain proof of postage when sending. Any information received after the deadline is considered as a late application and may your decision and receipt of grant. The actual deadline can change from year to year, so students will need to be mindful of their own application. For college entry in Sept 2018, the SUSI deadline for new applicants is 12th July.

Given the sensitivity of the information required, the school is not in a position to assist students in filling out the application form, we may only provide advice on where to seek appropriate assistance. A helpline is available for parents and students who required assistance completing the form, or those who have any difficulty obtaining the requested documentation. Information can be found under the Contact tab on the main home page of the SUSI website.

You may find the following documents useful in completing the SUSI application:

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