Moving on to  3rd Level Education

The transition from second level to third level education can be quite a daunting prospect to negotiate. There are many factors to consider in planning a future beyond school, and because the information you need to know can change from year to year it is not always easy to plan ahead. The school Guidance Counsellor is always available to senior cycle students to help them plan for this, and will offer whatever time is necessary to 6th years to enable them to finalise their plans for when they will move on to 3rd level.

The CAO process is often the first hurdle that school-leavers will have to negotiate, and the CAO website provides a wealth of information to both students and parents. Below you will find a small selection of the most common documents accessed by parents on the CAO website:

CAO Handbook (Paper copies available to parents from the school Guidance Counsellor on request)

CAO Guide for Parents

Common Points Scale