The Student Council is a very active group in St. Als with students voted by each class to represent the student body within the school community and beyond.  There were over 40 student representatives from across all six years with at least one representative from each class. Through weekly meetings and the Student Council forum, students communicate closely with staff and management. They bring ideas from the students’ perspective and highlight issues as they arise creating a foundation for student voice. 

The student council are involved in an array of aspects of school life throughout the year. Activities include organising monthly non-uniform days, representing the student body at the annual Open Night and co-ordinating the annual St. Vincent de Paul Giving tree & Hampers appeal at Christmas to name but a few. In November 2019 the Student Council along with staff welcomed past pupils and former staff members to the school to celebrate 180 years of St Aloysius School with a walk down memory lane. “To be part of such an important historical moment was amazing. Seeing past pupils’ faces light up as soon as they saw their fellow students after years was truly amazing. Hopefully I can do the same during the 190th anniversary” J.C. 

Student Council also represent the student voice with ideas that they bring to management for consideration. In turn management come to the student council for their input in many of the policies and new initiatives that take place in the school community. 

Our Student Council members are so important to the St. Al’s School community. They work diligently in the background. They are reliable, honest and develop real leadership skills. While they give to the Student Council, it gives back: 

The Student Council has impacted my life in such a positive way over the last four years. The friendships I have made will last forever and the confidence I have gained will continue throughout my life”. – Christiana

As I leave secondary school, I know that the student council has helped me hugely in finding my voice. The experience has been invaluable and I’ve loved working with all the girls who are also passionate about student voice being heard” – Jiang (Head Girl 2019)

We encourage every student who would like to get involved to step up, be a voice for their class, break down barriers and find strength within the St. Al’s community.