Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Our School Self Evaluation Team led by Ms Dempsey have been working with all our staff and students on looking at our school and identifying areas of excellence and areas for improvement.  This was achieved through extensive surveys of students, parents and staff, whole staff discussions at staff meetings and feedback from several areas such as Student Council, Subject Department Meetings, Wellbeing Committee meetings, Digital Team Meetings, SSE Team Meetings and Year Head and Class Teacher meetings.

We have compiled a document – Our Self Evaluation Report and Improvement Plan 2023 – 2024, which I have attached for your perusal.  I would like to thank Ms Dempsey, the SSE Team and all our staff and students who work continuously together to ensure we are teaching and learning in an environment which promotes excellence in teaching and learning, inclusion, care, respect and kindness.

Kind regards,

Alex Savage