Dear Parents / Guardians and junior Cycle Students of 2024,


Please see attached the schedule of dates that have been assigned to us by the State Examination Commission for both the Junior Cycle Home Economics and Music Practical Examination. This part of the state exam for Home Economics accounts for 50% of your daughter’s grade.


Please note that the dates for Orals and Practical exams are the set dates from the SEC where the examiner is appointed to our school.  There is no provision for us to alter or change these dates.  Students must be in school on the dates assigned to them and will forfeit all marks if they miss their exam.  If there is an emergency such as a student is admitted to hospital there is a strict process in place regarding a late assessment this involves medical certificates etc.  If there is an emergency please contact me on  The SEC will need to be contacted and I will need a medical certificate to be supplied for me on that day and no later.


I wish all our students the very best in these exams and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff who support our students in preparing for these exams and coursework.

Kind regards,

Alex Savage