The purpose of this email is to inform you that it has been decided to continue the scheme for deferred Leaving Certificate examinations for 2023 and to provide you with circular S24/23 which details the scheme.  The scheme for 2023 is being provided on the same grounds as in 2022 with one change in order to provide for a candidate who experiences an extreme medical emergency during an examination.  There is also a minor change to the timing of eligibility for access on grounds of bereavement.  We have also increased the timeline for the completion of an application from four working days to five working days. 

I am now attaching two important documents setting out details of the deferred examinations series.  These documents are:

  1. SEC Circular S24/23 outlining the Deferred Examination series
  2. Information for Candidates and Parents/Guardians on the deferred examinations  

Please read this material carefully as there is an important role for the school in the application process for the deferred examinations series.  Please bring these documents to the attention of Leaving Certificate candidates in your school.


All of the documents are available on our website at


As you know three Leaving Certificate written examinations will be completed during term time.  The LCVP examination will be held in schools on Wednesday May 3; LCA ICT on Wednesday 10 May and the LC Computer Science examination will be held on Wednesday 24 May.  Deferred examinations will be available for eligible candidates for these examinations also and will take place on Wednesday 28 June in the regional centres set up for the deferred series. The application process for these examinations is set out in Circular S24/23, section 9.